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Which is the unit of measurement for energy?
a) BTU's
b) Force
c) Pounds
d) Watts

What is the measurement for temperature in the SI (metric) system?
a) Celsius
b) Fahrenheit
c) Kilogram
d) Volume

What tool measures small objects MOST precisely?
a) Micrometer
b) Caliper
c) Protractor
d) Rule

Horsepower and watts are a measurement of
a) power
b) area
c) pressure
d) speed

Which unit of measurement is used for both weight and volume in the U.S. Customary System?
a) OUnces
b) Cups
c) Feet
d) Pounds

Which unit of measurement is used for calculating area?
a) square feet
b) cubic centimeters
c) cubic liters
d) square liters

What is the basic unit of measurement for length in the Metric (SI) system?
a) meter
b) gram
c) inch
d) liter

Which BEST defines measurement?
a) The process of determining the size, amount, or extent of something.
b) The process of converting from U.S. Customary to SI (metric) system
c) The Study of the SI (metric) and U.S. Customary
d) The careful use of a measurement device

Sensors gathering measurements and then displaying them on an output device is an example of
a) indirect measurement reading
b) CAD
c) computer output
d) precision measurement

The freezing and boiling points of water respectively in the U.S Customary System are
a) 32 degrees and 212 degrees
b) 0 degrees and 100 degrees
c) 0 degrees and 180 degrees
d) 0 degrees and 212 degrees

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