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What was the importance of the Magna Carta?
a) it was the cure for the Bubonic Plague
b) it weakened the power of the nobles
c) it weakened the power of the king
d) it gave the king more power

Why did the Crusades start?
a) so Muslims could control the Holy Land
b) so no one could control the Holy Land
c) to fight the people that started the Black Death
d) for Christians to control the Holy Land

How did the Roman Catholic Church influence education?
a) They only taught the Bible.
b) Students learned to read and math.
c) They only taught the Qur'an.
d) Each manor had their own school.

How did the Black Death spread to people?
a) fleas biting rats then biting people
b) fleas eating the people's food
c) cats and dogs spread it to the people
d) rats biting people

What system helped bring back law and order to Europe after the fall of Rome?
a) the Dark Ages
b) vassalism
c) feudalism
d) the Roman Republic

How did a peasant spend most of his or her day?
a) traveling to other manors
b) learning how to read and write
c) practicing fighting skills for the lord's army
d) producing food or other goods for the lord and village

What event brought the end of the feudal system?
a) Crusades
b) the Black Death
c) World War
d) Roman Catholic Church

The Magna Carta called for a council to approve the actions of the king. What was it called?
a) senate
b) monk
c) monarchy
d) parliament

Which king was forced to sign the Magna Carta?
a) King Richard I
b) King Henry VIII
c) King John I
d) King Louis I

Why was the Pope so powerful?
a) He was in charge of the Islamic religion.
b) He was at the top of the feudal system.
c) He created the Magna Carta.
d) He was in charge of the church and helped the king make decisions.

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