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The area that holds the data points on a chart.
a) plot area
b) data series
c) legend
d) category

any information listed in the top row of the data for your chart is called the
a) series
b) categories
c) data points
d) chart title

which contextual tab changes the entire chart?
a) design
b) format
c) view
d) insert

If you don't like the arrangement of your chart legend, title, or other elements of the chart, you can change the
a) chart layout
b) chart type
c) data series orientation
d) Location of the chart

A key that identifies each of the data series in a chart.
a) legend
b) plot area
c) data labels
d) data table

The areas of a 3-D chart that frame the data series.
a) walls
b) plot area
c) chart area
d) horizontal axis

The vertical scale of a chart on which the values from each category is plotted,sometimes called the Y axis.
a) vertical axis
b) horizontal axis
c) axis labels
d) side walls

A reference in a destination document to an object (such as a chart) in a source document.
a) link
b) embedded
c) publish
d) source

To move a pie slice away from the pie chart, for emphasis.
a) explode
b) format
c) publish
d) secure

move chart, change chart type, and chart styles are all located on this tab
a) design
b) format
c) chart tools
d) insert

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