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Mitosis is________
a) division of somatic or sex cells.
b) division of somatic or body cells.
c) division of somatic or plant cells.
d) division of gametes or body cells.

having no true nucleus
a) enzyme cell
b) Eukaryotic cell
c) protein cells
d) Prokaryotic cell

having a nucleus
a) Prokaryotic cell
b) enzyme cell
c) Eukaryotic cell
d) protein cells

During mitosis the________ make microtubules or spindles that pulls and separates and divides chromosomes so that each new cell has a sister or identical chromosome.
a) centrosomes
b) ribosomes
c) histone
d) chromosomes

During _____, one cell divides into two genetically identical cells.
a) mitosis
b) protein synthesis
c) meosis
d) chromotin

is a region on a chromosome that joins two sister chromatids.
a) gene
b) chromosome
c) histone
d) centromere

is one-half of two identical copies of a replicated chromosome.
a) chromotin
b) nucleus
c) chromatid
d) DNA

_____ is the protein that our DNA wraps around to make chromosomes.
a) nucleus
b) Histone
c) chromosome
d) centromere

is a mass of genetic material composed of DNA and proteins
a) Chromatin
b) histone
c) Chromotid
d) nucleus

essential for growth and repair of cells.
a) mitosis
b) meosis
c) nucleus replication
d) RNA reproduction

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