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An educated guess made after research is called a/an:
a) problem
b) hypothesis
c) results
d) conclusion

The scientific method:
a) is always used by scientists
b) is not always used by scientists
c) is out of date
d) is used to make accidental discoveries

Vulcanized rubber was discovered:
a) using the scientific method
b) by observing rubber in its natural state
c) by accidents
d) by Martians

Rubber is a/an:
a) simile
b) perfect in its natural state
c) gas
d) polymer

A long strand of molecules that has stretchy properties is a/an:
a) crystal
b) gas
c) polymer
d) liquid

An observation about something in nature that we may not understand is known as a/an:
a) law
b) theory
c) model
d) fashion model

This year we are studying:
a) Meteorology
b) Geology
c) Astronomy
d) All of the above

Who can be a scientist?
a) women
b) people of different races
c) people with disabilities
d) all of the above

Science cannot answer questions about:
a) faith
b) values
c) morals
d) all of the above

It is important that a scientist:
a) prove her hypothesis true at any cost
b) develop conclusions without letting their personal opinion in
c) make sure their opinion is counted in each experiment
d) cheats to make sure their research comes out on top

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