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What is Malaria?
a) Disease spread by mosquitos
b) Disease due to lack of food
c) Disease spread from blood transfusions
d) Disease that only effects women

What is Subsistence Farming ?
a) Farming for Money
b) Raising live stock for money
c) farming enough just for your family
d) Farming one type of crop

What group of people migrated all over Africa in early times?
a) Congolese
b) Bantu
c) Jewush
d) Boers

The Ashanti People mostly live here?
a) Ghana
b) DRC
c) South Africa
d) Ethipioa

What resource is extremely valuable in South Africa?
a) Minerals
b) Fish
c) Corn
d) Machinery

What resource is extremely valuable in Nigeria?
a) Petroleum
b) Corn
c) Fish
d) Diamonds

South Africa and Kenya have what type of Gov.?
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Federal Republic
c) Dictatorships
d) Oligarchies

What country had their first Black president elected in the 1990s?
a) Ghana
b) Nigeria
c) South Africa
d) Egypt

Which describes the religions of Africa?
a) Many are Muslim, Christian and traditional
b) Mostly all are Muslim
c) All worship the golden stool
d) All are Jewish

Most of Africa has...
a) a high life expectancy
b) a low life expectancy
c) a high literacy rate
d) an average GDP

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