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If you wanted to add an element to your chart (such as data labels, legend, etc...) , you would press the button that looks like a
a) +
b) -
c) @
d) :

which contextual tab allows you to change individual parts of a chart?
a) format
b) design
c) tab tools
d) chart tools

which option would you choose to view a chart on its own sheet?
a) move chart or f11
b) new chart or alt + f1
c) change chart type
d) chart layout

Which keyboard button would you press to make a cell reference absolute?
a) F4
b) shift +tab
c) F1
d) shift

which tab is used to change the chart type from a column to a line chart?
a) design
b) format
c) chart
d) page layout

Which tab is used to create a chart?
a) insert
b) design
c) layout
d) format

The default chart type that displays each data point as a vertical column
a) column
b) line
c) pie
d) bar

the specific values on a chart
a) data points
b) columns
c) plot area
d) horizontal axis

It is possible to add or delete data from a chart after it has already been created
a) true
b) false
c) a
d) a

the series from your spreadsheet is listed in the chart ___________
a) legend
b) horizontal axis
c) data values
d) vertical axis

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