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What determines the biome that will be present in an area?
a) climate of the area
b) average yearly rainfall
c) animals and plants present
d) proximity to the equator

What is are the general, defining characteristics of the tundra?
a) in the northernmost and southernmost latitudes
b) cold with a lot of snow
c) low precipitation and permafrost
d) cold winters and short, warm summers

What biome do we live in?
a) desert
b) temperate deciduous forest
c) tropical deciduous forest
d) grassland

Where is the Taiga located?
a) 50-60 degrees south
b) 30-60 degrees north and south
c) 0-30 degrees N
d) 50-60 degrees north

Why can't the grasslands support much tree life?
a) too much direct sunlight
b) low precipitation and grasses have wide, shallow root systems
c) the animals consume them too quickly
d) the temperature swings are too drastic

Why doesn't the temperature change much during the year in a tropical rainforest?
a) they are located along the equator and receive constant energy from the sun
b) it received over 250 cm of rain annually
c) there is a high animal and plant diversity
d) most are near major bodies of water

Which of these is NOT a common adaptation in the desert biome?
a) large, protruding ears
b) nocturnal
c) hibernation
d) thing, spiny leaves

What two factors most greatly influence an area's climate?
a) elevation and temperature
b) temperature and precipitation
c) proximity to water and precipitation
d) elevation and precipitation

Why is it important for taiga trees to not lose their leaves in the winter?
a) there is so little sunlight that when it is present it is important for photosynthesis to occur
b) the needles are pointy to defer predators during winter
c) the animals that live in the trees need cover from predators
d) the leaves trap snow in the winter

Why are adaptations similar within the same biome?
a) animals grouped together for survival
b) each adaptation must respond to a different climate
c) organisms learn from each other
d) adaptations are in response to the abiotic factors of the climate, including temperature and precipitation

What happens when an organism does not have the appropriate adaptations for the climate?
a) they choose to change to fit their environment
b) they die out unless a mutation pops up that introduces a new, helpful trait
c) they die out
d) they change their environment

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