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The belief in Manifest Destiny led to many changes in American life. These changes included all of the following EXCEPT— (8.6B)
a) A. Difficult journeys across rugged dangerous American land
b) B. Political problems resulting from American expansion
c) C. A new American attitude for a SMALLER country
d) D. Increased tension between Native Americans and the U.S. government

The appeal of Manifest Destiny can be partly traced to the common belief that— (8.6B)
a) A. All new territories would offer greater voting rights for women and freed blacks
b) B. God wanted the United States to expand its influence from the Atlantic to the Pacific
c) C. The practice of slavery was dividing the country along the line separating the North and South
d) D. An expansion of territory would help the country avoid tensions and war with other countries

In what way did the U.S.-Mexican War fulfill a major goal of those who supported the idea of Manifest Destiny? (8.6D)
a) A. After the war with Mexico, Americans no longer worried about attacks from other countries
b) B. As a result of the war, the territory of the United States stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific
c) C. The U.S.-Mexican War led to better relationships with other countries like Canada and Great Britain
d) D. The war with Mexico finally allowed the United States to define and establish its official borders with other nations

The introduction of interchangeable parts led directly to the—(8.27A)
a) A. Formation of the patent system
b) B. Creation of labor unions
c) C. Use of mass-production techniques
d) D. Eight-hour workday

Harriet Beecher Stowe is best known for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book helped gain support for the— (8.24A)
a) A. Abolitionist movement
b) B. Labor reform movement
c) C. Women’s rights movement
d) D. Reform of public education

Which event was most influenced by the American belief in Manifest Destiny? (8.6C)
a) U.S Mexican War
b) Cherokee Trail of Tears
c) Defeat of Britain in the American Revolution
d) Acquisition of Florida

What was the main goal of supporters of Manifest Destiny in the 1840s?
a) Convince Canada to become part of the United States
b) Expand U.S territory to the Pacific Ocean
c) Build a canal across Central America
d) Acquire naval bases in the Caribbean

What did the the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the annexation of Texas in 1845, and the U.s Mexican War of 1846 have in common?
a) They all brought about war with Spain
b) They all increased the territory of the United States
c) They all resulted in territory being taken from the United States
d) They all involved land being taken by force from Mexico

How did the Texas War for Independence differ from the U.S Mexican War
a) One involved fighting Mexico for independence, the other did not.
b) One led to the increase in land area for the U.S, the other led to a surrender of land
c) One began as a border dispute with Mexico, the other involved France.
d) One began over the issue of slavery in the West, the other involved a border dispute.

A major reason President Thomas Jefferson supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was that it
a) gave the U.S owner ship of Florida
b) Allowed the U.S to gain control of California
c) Gave the United States control over the Mississippi River
d) Remove the Spanish from the Americas

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