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Having a poor opinion of people because of their skin color is ________
a) segregation
b) boycott
c) racial prejudice
d) discrimination

Keeping people of different races (skin color) apart is ___________
a) prejudice
b) segregation
c) discrimination
d) boycott

Unfair treatment that is against a person's civil rights is called _____________
a) discrimination
b) boycott
c) segregation
d) prejudice

This person led peaceful protests against the unequal treatment of African Americans.
a) Rosa Parks
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Cesar Chavez
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a civil rights lawyer that helped integrate schools (put all people together). Later, he became a supreme court justice.
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Rosa Parks
d) Cesar Chavez

She was arrested for not giving her bus seat to a white man.
a) Martin Luther Ling Jr.
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Cesar Chavez
d) Rosa parks

This Mexican-American leader started unions and helped get better rights for Migrant workers.
a) Cesar Chavez
b) Rosa Parks
c) Martin Luther King Jr.
d) Thurgood Marshall

Something considered very important and new that leads to a new way is called __________.
a) boycott
b) landmark
c) racism
d) segregation

Allowing the mixing of all races of people is ___________. It is the opposite of segregation.
a) integration
b) racism
c) discrimination
d) migrant

A judge on the supreme court is called a _____________.
a) racist
b) injustice
c) justice
d) boycott

The important landmark court case that said schools had to allow all races of people to attend was _____________.
a) Bus Boycott
b) Brown vs. Board of Education
c) The Discrimination Act
d) The Separate But Equal Case

After people fought against unfair treatment in the 1950's and 1960's, laws were passed to make segregation illegal. It was the _______________.
a) Civil Rights Act
b) Bus Boycott
c) Brown vs. Board of Education
d) Separate But Equal Act

Martin Luther King's most famous speech was called _________________.
a) I want equality....
b) I have a problem....
c) I have a plan...
d) I have a dream....

Martin Luther King was from _______________.
a) Georgia
b) Alabama
c) Washington DC
d) California

Martin Luther King's most important speech was given in __________
a) Georgia
b) Alabama
c) Washington DC
d) California

Farm laborers who go from place to place to find work are called _______.
a) activists
b) racists
c) justices
d) migrant workers

People who take strong actions to get changes are called _________.
a) migrant workers
b) heritage
c) Hispanics
d) activists

The first woman on the United States Supreme Court (highest judges) was _________.
a) Shakira
b) Sandra Day O'Connor
c) Betty Friedan
d) Rosa Parks

People whose roots are from Spanish-speaking nations are often called _________.
a) Hispanics
b) activists
c) heritage
d) migrant workers

In the 1960 and 70's, a leader in the fight for more women's rights was _____________.
a) Shakira
b) Betty Friedan
c) Sandra Day O'Connor
d) Rosa Parks

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