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On a hot day, lemonade and ice are placed in a plastic cup (Cup A) and a glass cup (Cup B). Which is the best explanation for the small puddle around Cup A and the larger puddle around Cup B
a) The contents of Cup A were initially colder than the contents of Cup B.
b) Cup A was a better insulator than Cup B.
c) Cup A contained more ice than Cup B
d) Cup A had a greater volume of lemonade than Cup B.

The black fur on Himalayan rabbits helps provide additional warmth for the ears, noses, feet and tails. Why does the fur color affect warmth for these areas?
a) Black fur absorbs more heat energy from sunlight than white fur.
b) Black fur generates more heat energy than white fur.
c) Black fur insulates the rabbit from cold better than white fur.
d) Black fur reflects more heat energy from sunlight than white fur.

A metal that can be hammered out or rolled into thin sheets is best described as
a) ductile
b) brittle
c) reactive
d) malleable

A student is testing the conductivity of two solid substances. Substance A has high conductivity and substance B has low conductivity. Based on this information, what must be true regarding these two substances?
a) There is more energy stored in chemical bonds in substance A than there is in substance B.
b) Substance A contains a higher percentage of radioactive atoms than does substance B.
c) The atomic nuclei in substance A have more mass than the atomic nuclei in substance B.
d) Electrons in substance A are able to move more easily than electrons in substance B.

Which statement accurately describes the interaction between the foot and sidewalk as a person moves forward along the sidewalk?
a) The foot pushes backward on the sidewalk; the sidewalk pushes forward on the foot.
b) The foot pushes forward on the sidewalk; the sidewalk does not push forward on the foot.
c) The foot pushes forward on the sidewalk; the sidewalk pushes forward on the foot.
d) The foot pushes backward on the sidewalk; the sidewalk pushes backward on the foot.

A driver is headed north at 50 km/hr. A box is sitting on the seat next to him. What action by the driver would most likely cause him to observe the box appear to slide to the west?
a) making a turn to the west
b) applying the brakes
c) making a turn to the east
d) speeding up to 60 km/hr

What changes in a hot pack over the course time as it cools down?
a) number of protons
b) amount of thermal energy
c) number of atomic nuclei
d) total mass

A teacher dropped one light ball and one heavy ball simultaneously from the roof of a school building. Both balls struck the ground at the same time. The students correctly concluded from this experiment that falling objects
a) do not accelerate under the influence of gravitational force.
b) lose mass as they fall.
c) are influenced by the height of the building.
d) accelerate at the same rate, regardless of mass, due to the force of gravity.

Engineers are designing an auditorium that will be used for performances by orchestras. What must they do to maximize the loudness of the sound heard by the audience?
a) install narrow glass windows and skylights around the top of the walls
b) hang curtains behind the orchestra
c) put carpet all around the walls of the auditorium
d) hang reflecting panels from the ceiling behind the orchestra

A student collects data to calculate the kinetic energy of a thrown baseball. She measures the distance thrown, the time it takes for the ball to hit the catcher’s glove, the ball's mass , and the its circumference . Which of these is unnecessary?
a) measuring the distance from pitcher to catcher
b) measuring the circumference of the ball
c) measuring the mass of the ball
d) measuring the flight time of the ball

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