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Hills formed by wind blowing and depositing sand
a) Dune
b) Valley
c) Canyon
d) River

A triangle-shaped (deposit) landform at the mouth of a river as it empties into another body of water
a) Delta
b) Canyon
c) Valley
d) Dune

A deep gorge in the surface of Earth formed by the erosion of moving water and sand
a) Canyon
b) Mountain
c) Valley
d) River

Feature on the surface of Earth such as a mountain, hill, dune, ocean, or river
a) Landform
b) Rock
c) Mountain
d) Ocean

Rock made of layers of compacted and cemented sediments
a) Sedimentary Rock
b) Igneous Rock
c) Metamorphic Rock
d) Soil

Force of objects pushing on other objects
a) Pressure
b) Gravity
c) Magnetism
d) Friction

A natural resource made from remains of swamp plants from millions of years ago. It is solid and is a fossil fuel
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Natural Gas
d) Nitrogen

A flammable material, without a definite form, produced from remains of marine organisms burined under layers of sediment found near oil deposits
a) Natural Gas
b) Coal
c) Oil
d) Nitrogen

A flammable liquid produced from remains of marine organisms buried under layers of sediments for millions of years
a) Oil
b) Gas
c) Coal
d) Nitrogen

The breakdown of rock into smaller particles from the effects of wind, water, and ice
a) Weathering
b) Erosion
c) Depostion
d) Compaction

The build-up of land by the settlement of sediment and soil in a new location
a) Deposition
b) Weathering
c) Erosion
d) Run-off

The movement of weathered material on Earth's surface by wind, water, or ice
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Deposition
d) Run-off

Energy that comes from changing the power of moving air into a useful form
a) Wind energy
b) Solar Energy
c) Geothermal Energy
d) Hydroelectric Energy

Energy that comes from the Sun
a) Solar Energy
b) Wind Energy
c) Biomass
d) Geothermal

Fuel made from plants, animals wastes, and decomposing plant and animal tissue
a) Biofuel
b) Geothermal Energy
c) Hydropower
d) Solar

Energy that comes from the natural heat inside the earth
a) Geothermal
b) Solar
c) Wind
d) Hydropower

Electricity made from the energy of moving or falling water
a) Hydroelectricity
b) Solar
c) Wind
d) Geothermal

Materials from Earth that can be replaced by nature within a relatively short period of time, such as trees
a) Renewable Energy
b) Non-Renewable Energy
c) Fossil Fuel
d) Coal

Materials from Earth that cannot be replaced within a reasonamble amount of time, such as oil, coal, and natural gas
a) Non- Renewable Energy
b) Renewable Energy
c) Alternative Energy
d) Solar

Preserved parts or traces of animals and plants that lived in the past
a) Fossil
b) Rock
c) Soil
d) Dinosaurs

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