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Vietnam is part of what continent?
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Vietnam is its own continent

What policy was used to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis?
a) Nuclear Attack
b) Blockade
c) Negotiation
d) Troops were sent to Soviet Union

Who wanted to use atomic bombs to end the Korean War?
a) General Church
b) General MacArthur
c) General Custer
d) General Dean

What were Gorbachev's policies to change the Soviet Union's economy and government?
a) Glasnost and Perestroika
b) Glasnost and Geneva
c) Perestroika and Geneva
d) The EEC and Geneva

About how far away were the Soviet missiles from the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
a) About 75 miles
b) About 100 miles
c) About 90 miles
d) About 150 miles

What was the goal for the EEC?
a) To give money to countries in need
b) To provide energy to most countries
c) To control countries economic abilities
d) To set up a free trade area

What are the Geneva Accords?
a) An agreement that divided Vietnam at the 35th parallel
b) An agreement that divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel
c) An agreement to reunite Vietnam back to one unified country
d) An agreement that divided Korea at the 17th parallel

What does EEC stand for?
a) Energy Efficiency Center
b) European Economic Community
c) Engineering Education and Centers
d) Estimated Environmental Concentration

What were the two superpowers during the Cold War?
a) Britain and France
b) China and Soviet Union
c) United States and Soviet Union
d) United States and China

When was the Cold War?
a) 1947-1991
b) 1950-1990
c) 1957-1981
d) 1963-1975

What country did the US try to help regain Vientnam during the Cold War?
a) Korea
b) Great Britain
c) South Vietnam
d) France

What type of government did South Korea have?
a) Fascist
b) Communist
c) Republic
d) Democratic

What was the outcome of the Korean War?
a) Peace treaty was signed
b) Deadlock; no peace treaty signed
c) The North side retook the South side
d) Both sides became one again

Where was the city of Berlin located?
a) North Germany
b) South Germany
c) East Germany
d) West Germany

What is containment?
a) Containing bad countries
b) Spreading Communism
c) Limiting the expansion of Communism
d) Limiting the amount of missiles in each country

What is the Marshall Plan?
a) Pledge for economic aid to any nation after a war against communism
b) Pledge to help and country try to become communist
c) Pledge for US military and economic aid in any nation fighting against communism
d) Pledge to declare on any nation trying to force other countries to become communist

What is a Hot War?
a) A war of fire
b) A war with words and threats
c) A war with nuclear weapons
d) A war with fighting

What is a Cold War?
a) A war of ice
b) A war with words and threats
c) A war with nuclear weapons
d) A war with fighting

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union was threatening to do what?
a) Launch a war on the US
b) Launch atomic bombs on the US
c) Launch long range missiles on the US
d) Launch nuclear bombs on the US

What were the three anti-communist alliances during the Cold War?

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