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When one country takes control of another country making it a colony it is called ___________.
a) State
b) Colonialism
c) Nationalism
d) Confereration

What is called when you have pride in your country?
a) Colonialism
b) Assurance
c) Best
d) Nationalism

What is having a strong effect on something or someone called?
a) Collision
b) Secure
c) Impact
d) Bump

When one country aggressively enters into another country it is called a(n) _____________.
a) Invasion
b) Withdrawal
c) Attack
d) Approach

What did Great Britain do the countries of the Middle east when it separated them?
a) Partition
b) Combine
c) Unified
d) Joined

What is the main part of something called?
a) First
b) Secondary
c) Primary
d) Final

Chemical or biological weapons that destroy lots of people at one time are called ______.
a) Weapons of Minimal Destruction
b) Weapons of Ruin
c) Weapons of Mass Destruction
d) Weapons of Mass Undoing

The taking away of something like diamond from the ground is called ____.
a) Attraction
b) Extraction
c) Expulsion
d) Extension

What did the United States do when they left Iraq?
a) Withdraw
b) Enter
c) Invade
d) Takeover

What is it called when you receive a punishment for something that you have done?
a) Exiled
b) Withdraw
c) Sentenced
d) Condemned

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