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Which river runs through 12 countries?
a) Danube River
b) Rhine River
c) Amazon River
d) Nile River

Where are the Ural Mountains located?
a) Russia
b) Poland
c) Spain
d) Italy

What country in Europe has air pollution?
a) UK
b) Ukraine
c) Germany
d) Poland

What happened in the Ukraine that was a diaster?
a) A nuclear plant exploded
b) Earthquake
c) Volcano erupted
d) Tsunami

Nicholas II became the last Russian czar in what year?
a) 1884
b) 1905
c) 1917
d) 1914

Who did czar believe anointed him ruler?
a) God
b) Hilter
c) Chuck Norris
d) Russian serf

What was Hitler's political party called?
a) National Socialist or Nazi
b) Ku Klux Klan
c) Black Panthers
d) Hitler's Finest

How many Germans died in WWI?
a) 2 1/2 million
b) 6 1/2 million
c) 2 1/2 billion
d) 2 1/2 thousand

What is one effect of flooding in India?
a) Airports close
b) 1/3 cause of deaths
c) Many plants and animals die
d) A lot of plants grow

What river was polluted with about 2 million tons of chemical and human waster?
a) Ganges River
b) Yangtze River
c) Huang He
d) Mekong River

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