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Particles that escape from the sun's __________ move through space as solar wind.
a) photosphere
b) chromosphere
c) corona
d) surface

Prominence, or huge arching columns of gas, are thought to be caused by__________.
a) the Sun's rotation
b) the rotation of the galaxy
c) the magnetic field associated with sunspots
d) Earth's magnetic field

What does CME stand for?
a) Central Mass Ejections
b) Coronal Materials Ejections
c) Coronal Mass Ejections
d) Coronal Mass Emissions

An aurora, like the aurora borealis is caused by
a) CME's
b) solar flares
c) particles from solar flares
d) solarwind

A binary system is composed of ___________ stars.
a) three
b) four
c) five
d) two

When stars are located closer to one another, their attraction to one another increases due to __________.
a) their weight
b) gravity
c) their temperature
d) their age

Why are circumpolar constellations visible all year long?
a) because they are the brightest stars
b) because they are located directly above the North Pole
c) because they are the closest
d) All constellations are visible all year long

The __________ __________of a star is a measure of the amount of light it gives off.
a) absolute magnitude
b) apparent magnitude
c) absolute solitude
d) apparent strength

The __________ __________ is a measure of the amount of light received on earth.
a) absolute magnitude
b) apparent magnitude
c) absolute measure
d) apparent measure

Circumpolar constellations __________.
a) are always located above the North Pole
b) appear to circle around the North Star as the Earth rotates.
c) are located in a circular constellation
d) never appear around the North Pole

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