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Discusses Importance Of Polaris And Differences Between Latitude And Longitude. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A person knows the solar time on the Prime Meridian and the local solar time. What determination can be made?
a) the longitude at which the person is located
b) the latitude at which the person is located
c) the altitude of Polaris
d) the date

At what latitude would an observer on the Earth find the altitude of Polaris to be 37 degrees?
a) 37 degrees North
b) 90 degrees North
c) 53 degrees North
d) 37 degrees South

At which latitude will Polaris be overhead?
a) 90 degrees N.
b) 0 degrees
c) 23.5 degrees N.
d) 90 degrees S.

As a ship crosses the Prime Meridian, the altitude of Polaris is 65 degrees. What is the ship's location?
a) 0 degrees longitude, 65 degrees North latitude
b) 0 degrees longitude, 65 degrees South latitude
c) 0 degrees latitude, 65 degrees West longitude
d) 0 degrees latitude, 65 degrees East longitude

Cities located on the same meridian (longitude) must have the same
a) solar time
b) length of daylight
c) latitude
d) altitude

As a person travels northward from the Equator, the altitude of Polaris will appear to
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same
d) none of the above

The latitude of a person traveling due east will
a) remain the same
b) increase
c) decrease
d) none of the above

The angle of the star Polaris above the northern horizon can be used to determine an observer's
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) solar time
d) local time

Which reference line passes through both the geographic North Pole and the geographic South Pole?
a) 0 degrees longitude
b) 0 degrees latitude
c) Tropic of Cancer
d) Tropic of Capricorn

Lattitude lines run from
a) east-west
b) north-sout
c) north-east
d) west-south

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