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In photosynthesis
a) mechanical energy is converted to chemical energy.
b) chemical energy is converted to electromagnetic energy.
c) electromagnetic (solar) energy is converted to chemical energy
d) chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy

___________ is a plant's movement toward the light.
a) Phototropism
b) Hydrotropism
c) Thigmotropism
d) Gravitotropism/Geotropism

Photosynthesis happens in the ....
a) chloroplast
b) leaves
c) palisade mesophyll layer
d) all of these are correct

Which tissue is responsible for transporting water from the roots to the rest of the plant?
a) phloem
b) xylem
c) ground
d) dermal

Which cells are responsible for letting CO2 into the leaf through the stomata?
a) Palisade Mesophyll Cells
b) All Plant Cells
c) Guard Cells
d) Meristematic Cells

Plants that are responsible to touch, such as the venus fly trap, exhibit which type of tropism?
a) gravitotropism/geotropism
b) phototropism
c) thigmotropism
d) hydrotropism

The locations of where plants grow are the
a) ground tissue
b) xylem
c) petals
d) meristems

Which tissue is responsible for transporting glucose throughout the plant?
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) stomata
d) guard cells

_________ is movement in response to an external stimulus.
a) tropism
b) photosynthesis
c) cellular respiration
d) transpiration

Vascular tissues (xylem and phloem) are responsible for transporting which of the following?
a) water and minerals
b) nutrients
c) plant hormones
d) all of the above

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