Homophones Question Preview (ID: 23990)

Homophones Review Game.

Paul Revere _______ a horse to warn the colonists that the British were coming.
a) road
b) rode
c) waked
d) followed

My brother and I went to the movies while _______ parents stayed home.
a) our
b) hour
c) they
d) them

________ almost time for lunch.
a) Its
b) It's
c) are
d) it

I always find dog _______ on my clothes.
a) fur
b) fir
c) hair
d) hare

Our dog dug a huge ________ in the backyard while we were at the beach.
a) hole
b) whole
c) house
d) lake

I've been waiting ________ for over an hour.
a) here
b) hear
c) house
d) time

Would you like a _________ of cake?
a) piece
b) peace
c) half
d) slice

I am going shopping. I will be back in an __________.
a) our
b) hour
c) day
d) week

Please look both ways before crossing the ___________.
a) road
b) rode
c) street
d) pool

Your answer should be a ___________ number not a fraction.
a) whole
b) hole
c) correct
d) half

Since the Civil War the North and the South are now at _________.
a) peace
b) piece
c) war
d) sleep

I will meet you __________.
a) their
b) there
c) time
d) nope

Can you please speak louder? I can hardly _______ you.
a) here
b) hear
c) not
d) hi

Can I have _______ more slice of pizza?
a) won
b) one
c) two
d) ten

Please, put the book back in ________ place on the bookshelf when you are finished reading.
a) it's
b) its
c) it
d) his

I have several _______ trees in my yard.
a) fir
b) fur
c) maple
d) oak

She _______ first place in the spelling bee at her school.
a) won
b) one
c) lost
d) had

Many trees lose _______ leaves in the winter.
a) their
b) there
c) hair
d) branches

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