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My sister enjoyed eating the ROLL with the beans.
a) type of bread
b) to flip end over end
c) a wrapped length of fabric
d) to leave

The boy tried to WIND the string up on the reel.
a) blowing air
b) to gather up
c) to wrap around
d) to talk a lot

The police car ROLLED up to the house.
a) to cover with toilet paper
b) flipped
c) drove up on its wheels
d) curled up in a ball

The teacher was about to TIRE of getting the same questions asked of her.
a) a round device used for transport
b) sleepy
c) to roll
d) to become tired

The turtle was trapped on its SHELL.
a) hard outer covering
b) to remove the outer layer
c) to shoot artillery
d) a gas station

The SPEAKER quickly finished his speech and was met by a loud applause.
a) a device that emits sound
b) the person addressing a crowd
c) the person in a poem
d) elephant

The lady behind the desk pounded on the KEYS as if she was mad.
a) pieces to a piano
b) device used to gain entry to a lock
c) buttons
d) important

The boy was sad when the coach told him he was CUT from the team.
a) no longer a part of
b) sliced
c) edited out
d) piece of meat

The soldiers were given orders to SHELL the town below with their cannons.
a) a hard covering
b) to remove the outer layer
c) to shoot artillery
d) a gas station

The driver entered his car into the professional CLASS for the race.
a) group
b) style
c) school
d) raceway

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