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What was the term used for strong hatred of Jews?
a) Anti-Semitism
b) Anti-Judiasm
c) Jew Hate
d) None of the above

What was the Compromise of 1850?
a) Admitted California as a free state
b) US gained more territory.
c) Made Northerners give more money to the South.
d) Made Maine a free state.

Who was the black minister that was elected to Georgia's House of Representatives?
a) Henry McNeal Turner
b) Tom Watson
c) Plessy V. Ferguson
d) John Hope

In 1828, which president put a tariff on imported goods to help Northern industries?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Alexander Stephens
d) Thomas Jefferson

What race was John Hope?
a) White
b) Part African-American and part White
c) African American
d) Chinese

Which political party was formed to represent interests of farmers?
a) The Henry Grady Group
b) County Unit System.
c) Populists
d) Atlanta Race Riot

What did Jim Crow Laws do?
a) Let the African Americans vote freely.
b) Had African Americans all move to one state
c) Made Jim Crow Governor.
d) Made it legal to segregate.

Who was the first woman to be in the U.S senate?
a) Rebecca Latimer Felton
b) Rena Black
c) Lugenia Burns Hope
d) Henrietta McNeal Turner

What group spread terror to African Americans throughout the South during Reconstruction?
a) The Cu Clux Clan.
b) The African American Hate Group.
c) The Reconstruction Group.
d) The Ku Klux Klan.

What was the Atlanta Campaign?
a) General Sherman moved from Tennessee to Atlanta.
b) Lincoln had to run for president again.
c) Atlanta picked a new general.
d) Sherman was killed.

Where was the Confederate prison camps located?
a) Andersonville
b) Appomattox
c) Fort Sumter
d) Antietam

Why was sharecropping and tenant farming bad for workers?
a) It wasn’t bad, it actually helped.
b) There was little money for the farmers.
c) The farmer’s supplies were getting stolen.
d) The new farmers didn’t know how to farm.

What was the Missouri Compromise?
a) States in the North would be free and states in the South wouldn’t be.
b) Missouri decided to secede.
c) Missouri would be both free and not free.
d) The battles would be held in Missouri.

What was the Election of 1860?
a) Dred Scott was elected.
b) States were allowed to vote on slavery.
c) Abraham was nominated as a candidate.
d) Georgians decided to secede.

Who fought to help farmers who were suffering economically?
a) Tom Watson
b) Dred Scott
c) Dwight Frink
d) George Bush

Who was the Missouri slave that went to court with the argument that he should be free since he moved to a free state?
a) Dred Scott
b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
c) Fredrick Douglass
d) Austin Dabney

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