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How does geography play a role in Mexico City’s air pollution problem?
a) It is one of the world’s largest cities.
b) The city has views of distant snowcapped mountains.
c) It lies in a bowl-shaped valley that traps air pollutants.
d) The cars and factories send pollution such as lead, sulfur, and carbon monoxide into the air.

What are the main sources of air pollution in Mexico City?
a) intense sunlight
b) the high altitude
c) factories and cars
d) cars that produce little or no air pollution

Which solution to Mexico City’s air pollution problem would be most challenging to businesses?
a) closing factories one day a week
b) using fuels that produce less pollution
c) having employees ride trains or buses to work
d) asking citizens to leave their cars at home one day a week

Which is a problem associated with deforestation?
a) More oxygen is available on the planet.
b) Poor people earn money from selling trees.
c) Native people have too much forest for their needs.
d) There is less forest to produce goods that humans need.

What is the main crop grown in areas of deforestation?
a) cocoa
b) rubber
c) soybeans
d) Brazil nuts

The world gets about 20 percent of which resource from the Amazon rain forest?
a) rubber
b) oxygen
c) soybeans
d) medicine

What problem has been caused by oil production in Venezuela?
a) About 15 percent of U.S. oil comes from Venezuela.
b) The coast along the Caribbean Sea has been polluted with oil.
c) Lake Maracaibo has become the largest lake in South America.
d) Venezuela is more polluted than other South American countries.

Why might the Venezuelan government NOT want to stop oil production in the country, even though it causes a lot of pollution?
a) The government gets about half of its money from the oil business.
b) The government does not care about the damage to the environment.
c) People along Lake Maracaibo are now protected by a dike to prevent flooding.
d) People in Venezuela do not care about the environment as much as other people.

Who is affected first by carbon dioxide pollution?
a) healthy adults
b) children and the elderly
c) farmers along Lake Maracaibo
d) fisherman along the Caribbean coast

Which problem is associated with too much carbon dioxide in the air?
a) algal bloom
b) breathing problems
c) cooler air trapped at Earth’s surface
d) oil slicks on the Caribbean coastline

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