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Dont you remember the old story about the crane? Chizuko asked. Its supposed to live for a thousand years. If a sick person folds 1000 paper cranes, the gods will grant her wish and make her healthy again. She handed the crane to Sadako. How do you t
a) Angry
b) Hopeful
c) Sad
d) Careless

Rushing like a whirlwind into the kitchen, Sadako cried, Oh, Mother! I can hardly wait to go to the carnival. Can we please hurry with breakfast. Which phrase best supports how Sadako is feeling in this passage?
a) Rushing like a whirlwind
b) Can we please
c) Oh mother
d) I can hardly wait

In what city does Sadako live?
a) Nagasaki
b) China
c) Hiroshima
d) Kyoto

What is celebrated every August 6 in Japan with fireworks, music, and cotton candy?
a) Bomb Day
b) Christmas
c) Peace Day
d) Memorial Day

How many siblings does Sadako have?
a) two
b) six
c) one
d) three

What is another name for the atom bomb disease?
a) leukemia
b) cancer
c) heart disease
d) kokeshi

What did Masahiro promise Sadako?
a) she would get well
b) hang all the cranes
c) run the race for her
d) make her more cranes

How many cranes did Sadako fold before she died?
a) 250
b) 782
c) 1000
d) 644

The Thunderbolt is another name for the ______ bomb that was dropped on Sadako’s city.
a) Bright
b) Loud
c) Atomic
d) Big

___________ was Sadako’s friend who died from the same disease Sadako had.
a) Kenji
b) Masahiro
c) Yasunaga
d) Chizuko

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