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Why is deforestation in Brazil negative (not a good thing)?
a) Because the world receives about 20 percent of its oxygen from the rain forest.
b) Because anaimal and plant habitats are being destroyed that we need
c) It displaces (causes to move) native indigenous peoples.
d) all the above

Air pollution in Mexico City affects mostly......??
a) Young Children and the Elderly
b) College aged students
c) acid rain
d) buildings and trees

Venezuela is infamous for what environmental problem?
a) air pollution
b) oil pollution

What is causing most of Venezuela's oil pollution?
a) Poor government investment into new equipment for drilling oil
b) Old equipment including pipelines and tankers
c) all the above

What is causing most of Mexico's air pollution?
a) cars and factories
b) ships and trucks
c) tractors and ships
d) busses

What is the most important environmental concern of Brazil?
a) Reforestation
b) Deforestation

What is the main culprit of Deforestation in Brazil?
a) Ranching
b) Corn
c) Miners

What major environmental problem is Mexico dealing with?
a) Oil Pollution
b) Air Pollution
c) Landslides
d) Erosion

The mass cutting or removing trees is known as
a) aeration
b) farming
c) agriculture
d) deforestation

Why is oil pollution in Venezuela such a problem?
a) It is destroying habits
b) It is hurting the livelihood of some citzens
c) It is polluting drinking water
d) all the above

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