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Texas Revolution started because of
a) injustices against American settlers by Mexican government
b) no money
c) Santa Anna didn't want Texas any more
d) Texas settlers were tired of Mexico

Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo did what?
a) Ended the Civil War
b) Ended war with Mexico/ gave recognition of Texas as a state
c) Made Texas seceed
d) gave land to settlers

The Cattle drives were
a) herds of pigs being drove to northern railroad stations
b) herds of small animals being drove to southern railroad stations
c) herds of cattle being driven to northern states with railroad stations by cowboys
d) herds of cattle being driven to southern states by cowboys

James Fannin surrendered and was destroyed at what event?
a) The Alamo
b) Goliad Massacre
c) Battle of Gonzalez
d) Battle of San Jacinto

Sam Houston had many titles, which set all apply to Houston?
a) General, Governor
b) President, Governor, U.S. Senator, General
c) President, Texas Ranger,Governor
d) Empresario, President, Governor, Texas Ranger

Who is head of state government?
a) Governor
b) President
c) Senator
d) Judge

Which of the following does not belong on the list?
a) States' Rights
b) Tariff
c) annexation
d) Slavery

Mier y Teran was sent by the Mexican government to do what?
a) Explore Texas' land/ratio of Anglos to mexicans/Anglos did not follow Mexico culture
b) To help Anglo-American build new homes
c) Explore Texas land and give Anglo Americans money to start their own colonies
d) To help Indians escape

Why did settlers come to Texas after the Civil War
a) Cheap land and better way of life
b) to evade indians
c) to get free longhorns

Which empresario participated in the Fredonian Rebellion?
a) Stephen F. Austin
b) Haden Edwards
c) Martin Deleon
d) Green DeWit

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