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A path created for a current that allows only one route for the current is called a _____.
a) parallel circuit
b) series circuit

Which of the following is a device designed to open an overloaded circuit and prevent damage?
a) circuit breaker
b) conductor
c) resistor
d) insulator

The south pole of a magnet ____.
a) attracts another south pole
b) repels a paper clip
c) attracts a north pole
d) repels a north pole

The pull (magnetic field) of a magnet is _______.
a) the same at all parts of the magnet
b) strongest at the center
c) strongest at the poles
d) weakest at the poles

The atoms in a magnet are _____.
a) arranged randomly
b) lined up
c) negatively charged
d) positively charged

An electromagnet is _______.
a) a permanent magnet
b) made with bar magnets
c) a big magnet
d) a magnet that only works when it has electric current

The function of a generator is to change ______.
a) chemical energy into electrical energy
b) electrical energy into chemical energy
c) electrical energy into mechanical energy
d) mechanical energy into electrical energy

When you perform work on an object you increase the energy of the object.
a) True
b) False

All forms of energy can do work.
a) True
b) False

Machines may allow you to do less work over a longer distance.
a) True
b) False

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