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What can be hard for immigrant children to do because of the language difference?
a) Sports
b) Education
c) Friendships
d) All of these

Why is there a large percentage of the African American population found in the southern part of the United States
a) They migrated there after gaining their freedom.
b) It is just where they ended up at this point.
c) They like the warmer climate.
d) This is where the plantations were located that their ancestors worked when enslaved.

What area is it most common to find cultural blending?
a) Religion
b) Language
c) Habits
d) None of these

Which word listed below means big river in Native American language?
a) Oklahoma
b) Ohio
c) Mississippi
d) Magwa

What is it called when aspects of two or more cultures combine into something new?
a) Cultural Blending
b) Cultural Fusion
c) Cultural Stirring
d) Cultural Intertwining

What language is the second most spoken language in the United States?
a) Pig Latin
b) English
c) Indo-European
d) Spanish

What religion do the majority of Americans identify themselves as?
a) Catholic
b) Baptist
c) Christian
d) Hindu

What language is spoken by almost every person in the United States?
a) Pig Latin
b) English
c) Indo-European
d) Spanish

True or false? The United States official language is English.
a) True
b) False

What is the United States literacy rate because of our strong belief in education?
a) 68%
b) 74%
c) 99%
d) 100%

What type of education is offered to every school age child no matter their nationality or status as a citizen in the United States?
a) Free Public Education
b) Paid Public Education
c) Charter Education
d) Private Education

Why is the United States society so diverse?
a) We share so many borders with other countries it is easy for people to cross unnoticed.
b) Historically we have accepted high numbers of immigrants.
c) We have not border control.
d) None of these

Which of the below nationalities were brought against their will to the United States?
a) Spanish
b) African America
c) French
d) Indian American

What two groups immigrated to the United States in the 1900s?
a) Italian and German
b) Russian and German
c) Russian and Italian
d) German and French

Which of the below cultures was NOT among the first to immigrate to the United States?
a) Spanish
b) English
c) French
d) Indian

What is a popular recreation activity in East Asia?
a) Yoga
b) Skiing
c) Martial Arts
d) Baseball

What is a popular recreation activity in India?
a) Yoga
b) Skiing
c) Martial Arts
d) Baseball

What are the two forms of entertainment that most Americans experience and talk about daily?
a) TV and Movies
b) Sports and TV
c) Movies and Games
d) Games and Sports

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