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Which product is used to clean your body with?
a) Shampoo
b) Shaving cream
c) Soap or shower gel
d) Sponge

When must you wash your hands?
a) Whenever you feel like it
b) After using the toilet or before touching food
c) Before going to bed
d) Everytime you touch something

What product do you use to clean your hair with?
a) Shampoo
b) Conditioner
c) Soap
d) Shower gel

How do people feel when they have good personal hygiene habits?
a) Good about themself, confident and willing to try new things
b) Happy to be alive and breathing
c) Unhappy about their body and how they look
d) Good about themself and their friends

How often should you shower?
a) Every day if possible or every second day
b) Once a week
c) Every 2 weeks
d) Twice a day

When should you brush your teeth during the day?
a) Before breakfast and after lunch
b) Just before going to bed
c) After breakfast and before going to bed
d) Before you eat a meal

How often should you change your clothes in a week?
a) Every day
b) Every second day
c) Wear them until they get dirty
d) Once a week

How many times should you brush your teeth in a day?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Why is important to practice good hygiene habits?
a) To avoid getting sick and dying
b) To spread germs and sickneses
c) To avoid smelling and looking bad
d) To avoid getting sick, smelling bad and spreading germs and sicknesses

Which product is a good substitute if you can't wash your hands?
a) Antiperspirant
b) Rubbing alcohol
c) Shower gel
d) Hand sanitizer

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