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In terms of marketing to women, an area where sports properties have made significant progress is
a) branded merchandise geared towards females
b) season and partial season tickets
c) seminars such as Football 101 and Hockey 101
d) value-priced food offerings at sports facilities

Of the 12 franchises added or relocated during 1990-2000, ten located in the ________ regions of the U.S.
a) south and west
b) northeast and midwest
c) south and midwest
d) northwest and west

The production, distribution, and promotion of products that promote environmental protection is
a) green marketing
b) social responsibility
c) cause-related marketing
d) greenwashing

The term ________ refers to companies that make claims about their environmental practices that are deemed questionable or self-serving.
a) greenwashing
b) social responsibility
c) green marketing
d) cause-related marketing

In a SWOT analysis, the ________ are internal characteristics or issues in the sports property.
a) strengths and weaknesses
b) opportunities and threats
c) strengths and opportunities
d) weaknesses and threats

In a SWOT analysis, the ________ are external to the firms and indicate occurrences or trends taking place beyond the walls of the organization.
a) opportunities and threats
b) strengths and weaknesses
c) strengths and opportunities
d) weaknesses and threats

In conducting a SWOT analysis, which of the following questions is least useful in determining if an issue is external or internal?
a) How will this issue affect government regulations?
b) if our organization went away, would the issue go away?
c) do other organizations in the industry face this same issue?
d) can this issue be controlled by our organization?

Anthony is reviewing the SWOT analysis conducted by his marketing team. The following were identified as threats. Which one is not a threat?
a) government deregulation
b) lower consumer confidence
c) changes in customers' tastes
d) presence of new competitors

The following are examples of communication objectives except
a) expand operations into one new market
b) add 500 fans to the team's Facebook page
c) increase operations into one new market
d) increase website visits by 25%

The following statements about good objectives are true except
a) they should be broad, the general statements about what a brand wants to be, do, or become
b) they should be detailed enough to know whether or desired impact is achieved
c) they should be measurable
d) the must have deadline or time frame

Advantages of using secondary data include the following except
a) applicability to specific situations
b) lower costs than primary data
c) fast and easy access
d) excellent starting point

Frequently used sources of secondary data to sports marketers include the following except
a) focus groups of fans
b) CRM systems
c) U.S. Census
d) social media buzz

Methods of collecting primary data include the following except
a) social media
b) surveys
c) focus groups
d) observation

The primary benefit of collecting primary data over using secondary data is
a) applicable to a specific issue
b) lower costs than secondary data
c) faster access to the data
d) greater accuracy than secondary data

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