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The external environment should most likely be monitored on a regular basis because of
a) frequent environmental changes
b) quickly aging populations
c) cultural transitions
d) environmental regulations

Competition for sports entertainment can be classified as each of the following categories except
a) price competition
b) brand competition
c) generic competition
d) category competition

Head-to-head competitors such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers (both NBA teams in Los Angeles) are considered
a) brand competitors
b) generic competitors
c) price competitors
d) category competitors

Category competition involves brands or firms that
a) offer goods and services that meet the same or similar customer needs
b) sell either goods or services at the same price
c) a customer might consider when making utilitarian purchases
d) target similar customer with comparable products and prices

A hockey team in Cincinnati has to consider other forms of entertainment, such as water parks, movie theaters, and even dining out, as competitors. This situation describes
a) category competitors
b) generic competitors
c) brand competitors
d) price competitors

A hockey team in Cincinnati has to consider other forms of entertainment, such as water parks, movie theaters, and even dining out, as competitors. This situation describes
a) category competition
b) generic competition
c) brand competition
d) price competition

Consumers have a limited amount of money they can spend. When an individual thinks about paying bills, saving money, purchasing food, buying gas for the car, or purchasing clothes instead of purchasing a ticket to a professional basketball game, it i
a) generic competition
b) brand competition
c) price competition
d) category competition

The economic indicator that tracks monthly changes in the amount consumers spend for a representative basket of goods and services is the
a) Consumer Price Index
b) Consumer Sentiment Index
c) Buying Power Index
d) Consumer Confidence Index

How would declining consumer confidence and sentiment most likely affect sports brands?
a) ticket sales will decline, a businesses will be more reluctant to invest in sponsorship
b) consumers will have higher disposable incomes and will invest in discretionary purchases, such as sports event tickets
c) businesses will postpone making investment decisions in sports-related advertising and sponsorships
d) consumers will have less money to spend on utilitarian goods and services

Technology can impact sports in the following ways except by
a) offering new ways of direct consumption
b) adding benefits to product consumption
c) reducing the sacrifices necessary to consume a product
d) increasing sports organization revenues through improved operations

Recent events in ________ have created controversy about unfairness. As a result Congress has held hearings to consider if the industry should be subject to antitrust laws of the Sherman Act.
a) college football
b) college baseball
c) professional football
d) professional basketball

Sociodemographic trends that have recently impacted sports marketing include the following except
a) increased leisure time
b) aging populaiton
c) greater ethnic diversity
d) increased buying power among women

A study by Pew Research examined the interest of women in sports. The following statements are findings of the research except
a) 40% of women follow sports somewhat closely
b) 10% of women follow sports very closely
c) most women do not identify themselves as sports fan
d) less women have an interest in sports than men

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