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Samuel Gompers led the _______ while Terrence Powederly led the ________________.
a) I.W.W. and AFL
b) AFL and Knights of Labor
c) Knights of Labor and I.W.W.
d) Knights of Labor and AFL

If you own a portion of a corporation, you own:
a) Profit
b) Stock
c) Dividends
d) Trust

Trusts and monopolies are bad for the consumers because they eliminate:
a) Trusts
b) High prices
c) Competition
d) New inventions

City organizations that emerge to provide help to immigrants, offer safe water, waste disposal and protection, but were often corrupt were called:
a) Political Machines
b) Settlement Houses
c) Populists
d) The Graft

Factories were given what nickname:
a) Slave houses
b) Mills
c) Sweatshops
d) Mills

One of the first significant unions in America that accepted members from diverse ethnic backgrounds, jobs and social classes was called:
a) American Federation of Labor
b) United Mine Workers
c) Knights of Labor
d) Teamsters

What best describes the benefits of competition or how it helps the consumer?
a) Keep prices low
b) Increase consumers' choices
c) Maintains high quality of goods
d) All of the above

A government that avoids getting involved in business is said to be
a) Laissez-Faire
b) lazy
c) corrupt
d) liberal

All are factors of mass production except what?
a) Division of Labor
b) Interchangeable parts
c) Assembly Line
d) Competition

What were people hired by factory owners to replace striking workers called?
a) Scabs
b) Grunts
c) Dregs
d) Thugs

Breaking up of a job into individual tasks is called
a) Mass Production
b) interchangable parts
c) the division of labor
d) Skilled Craftsmanship

The belief held by many wealthy owners in America that God had granted wealth to them was known as
a) Natural Selection
b) The Gospel of Wealth
c) The Sacred Fortune
d) Laissez-Faire Economics

The Haymarket riot was
a) The public's angry reaction to dangerous working conditions in sweatshops
b) A riot between striking workers and police, sparked by a bomb that killed police officers
c) A farmers' protest against the dropping prices of agriculutral goods
d) A steel workers' strike turned violent in Western PA

The following are typical grievances of workers in the Gilded Age except
a) Low Wages
b) Por working conditions
c) No benefits
d) Long Hours

In an effort to eliminate 'trouble makers' from the work force owners distributed
a) Pamphlets
b) Blacklists
c) Redlists
d) Thug Lists

All of the following were effects that mass production had upon society except
a) increased quality of life for workers
b) increased immigration
c) Decreased the need for skilled craftsman
d) Decreased the prices of certain products

Social Darwinism can best be described as
a) Justification which the Captains of Industry used to explain the removal of the Indians
b) Justification which the Captains of Industry used to explain the explotation of workers
c) Immigrants' desire to evolve into the modern Amwerican society
d) The theory of the 'survival of the fittest' as it applies to society

Capitalism is based on the principle of
a) Laissez-Faire economics, government should stay out
b) Government control of business
c) Monopolies and Trusts
d) Supply and Demand

What group of immigrants was discriminated against greatly and offically excluded from America in 1882
a) Irish
b) Italians
c) Chinese
d) Russian Jews

The fear or hatred of foreigners is known as
a) Discrimination
b) Stereotyping
c) Xenophobia
d) Prejudice

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