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The plain at the mouth of a river is called a
a) cataract
b) canyon
c) silt
d) delta

What happened when Nubians took control of trade routes by using iron weapons?
a) they made pyramids from metal instead of stone
b) Meroe became rich
c) they stopped spending time growing crops
d) Meroe controlled an empire that extended into Europe

Nubia's location between Egypt and Central Africa, made it
a) the first sea empire
b) not very prosperous
c) a center for trade
d) destroyed by the people of Kush

Someone who rules for a child in Egypt until the child is old enough to rule is called a
a) regent
b) babysitter
c) teacher
d) dynasty

Ancient Egyptian astronomers studied the stars to
a) appoint the next pharoah
b) create new medicines from plants
c) create a new writing system
d) predict the flooding of the Nile River

In Ancient Egypt, most of the people belonged to the social class of
a) artisans
b) peasants
c) merchants
d) kings and nobles

The first pharaohs of the New Kingdom expanded Egypt's
a) universities
b) religion
c) armies
d) farmland

Toward the end of the Old Kingdom, the government became
a) weak and divided
b) bigger and more prosperous
c) a target for conquering empires
d) ruled by local merchants

The greatest achievement of the pharaoh Menes was
a) conquering the Nubians
b) ruling the empire from Abu Simbel
c) building a pyramid
d) uniting Upper and Lower Egypt

The Nile River affected ancient Egyptian life by creating
a) rich farmland
b) hot winds that blew across the land
c) Lower and Upper Egypt
d) a large desert

The ancient Egyptians demonstrated their belief in life after death by
a) believing in only one god
b) becoming famous warriors
c) preserving the bodies on their dead
d) not preserving the bodies of their dead

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