Benchmark 7th Question Preview (ID: 23939)

7th Benchmark.

Abraham Lincoln was
a) President during CW and an ablolistionist
b) was for the confederacy
c) died of a heart-attack while at Ford Theatre
d) for slavery

Who is a person that is anti-slavery?
a) Abolitionist
b) confederate settler

The Battle of Gonzalez is known as
a) The last battle of the Civil War
b) The first battle of the Texas Revolution
c) The first battle of the Civil War

This invention changed the cattle drives forever/ending the drives
a) barbed-wire fences for ranchers
b) barbed-wire cutters for felons
c) Texas Fever

Convention of 1836
a) Texas declared independence from Mexico and wrote constitution
b) Santa Anna kicked the door and shot George Childress
c) Texas was annexed into the US

Texas gave up Mexico's territory after this
a) Compromise of 1850
b) Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
c) Annexation
d) Texas Secession from U.S

Life during the Civil War was hard for families of soldiers, how?
a) hardships (shortage of food, more responsibility, no man at home)
b) no one home to mow the grass
c) scared to live alone because of indians

What is Reconstruction?
a) Rebuilding Texas so it can join the Union
b) staying the same and keeping slavery

The constitution of 1876 did what?
a) made Texas a republic
b) helped kill all Indians
c) Allowed Texas statehood/ limited the power of state governor
d) Save land for true Texas settlers

Once slavery ended, this was the new method of farming
a) Sharecropping
b) Crochet
c) Windmill farming

Sharecroppers were taken advantage of by landowner, how?
a) The sharecroppers kept all of the profit
b) the landowner gave equal amount of earnings to the sharecropper
c) the landowner made sharecropper buy materials on credit, do all loabor, and were in debt by the next year
d) the landowner gave sharecroppers money to get started and they helped with labor

Sam Houston wanted to annex into the U.S, true or false?
a) false
b) true

The confederacy was made up of the northern states
a) True
b) False

Sam Houston supported secession of Texas from the United States, true or false?
a) True
b) False

Mirabeau Lamar was in favor of all of the following except-
a) Annexation
b) Living with Indians
c) remaining a republic
d) Santa Fe expedition

What changed the way Texans shipped raw goods, quicker, efficiently, and farther?
a) Tractors
b) Railroads
c) Planes
d) Cars

The Mexican-US war was a dispute between what two rivers?
a) Rio Grande/Red River
b) Rio Grande/Caddo River
c) Nueces/Sabine River
d) Nueces/Rio Grande River

William B Travis wrote a letter from where?
a) Battle of Gonzalez
b) The Alamo
c) Goliad Massacre
d) Battle of San Jacinto

What battle happened lastly?
a) Battle of Gonzalez
b) Runaway Scrape
c) Battle of San Jacinto
d) Goliad Massacre

Which president of the Republic of Texas was great with money, kept out of war, loved Indians, and kept debt low?
a) Anson Jones
b) Mirabeau Lamar
c) Sam Houston
d) James Polk

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