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Dangerous or hazardous
a) Compete
b) Treacherous
c) Conceal
d) Permanent

To hide grow view
a) Conceal
b) Permanent
c) Compete
d) Precious

Moving slowly or lacking energy
a) Discussion
b) Advance
c) Sluggish
d) Boost

Happening without planning
a) Rickety
b) Thaw
c) Symphony
d) Spontaneous

To melt after being frozen
a) Thaw
b) Rickety
c) Capable
d) Massive

Heavy or large
a) Plunge
b) Massive
c) Decline
d) Purchase

Likely to fall apart
a) Decline
b) Ignore
c) Temporary
d) Rickety

To beat others
a) Compete
b) Symphony
c) Participant
d) Purchase

Lasting for a long time
a) Temporary
b) Permanent
c) Decline
d) Purchase

A long piece of music played by an orchestra
a) Massive
b) Rickety
c) Symphony
d) Thaw

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