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Who is Brahma?
a) the God of the sea
b) The creator god of the Hindu sacred triad of creation, preservation, and completion
c) the god of weather

What is the symbol of Hinduism?
a) the crescent moon and star
b) the star of David
c) the Aum, or the symbol of authority

What is reincarnation?
a) the belief that the soul is reborn into a new body
b) the belief in paradise
c) the belief in the end of the world

What is karma?
a) the belief that your actions determine your destiny
b) the belief that all people who recieve Jesus will go to Heaven
c) the belief that the body turns to dust

What is monotheistic?
a) belief in one God
b) belief in many Gods
c) not believing in God

What is polytheistic?
a) belief in one God
b) not believing in God
c) belief in many Gods

What is the oldest religion in the world
a) Hinduism
b) Islam
c) Judaism

What animal is sacred to Hindus and not eaten?
a) duck
b) cow
c) pig

What is the holy book of HInduism?
a) the Vedas
b) the Torah
c) the Quran

What is Diwali?
a) the celebration of the birth of Jesu
b) the celebration of Independence
c) the festival of lights to celebrate the new financial year

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