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For which action is Nat Turner well known?
a) leading a violent slave revolt
b) fighting in the American Revolution
c) publishing an antislavery newspaper
d) promoting a nonviolent end to slavery

What did the abolition movement promote?
a) relocating black slaves to Africa
b) prohibiting the drinking of alcohol
c) removing Native Americans from eastern states
d) ending the institution of slavery

What belief was one important feature of the Second Great Awakening?
a) a belief in the truth found in nature
b) a belief in personal responsibility for salvation
c) a belief in a God who decides each person’s fate
d) a belief in the perfection of human beings

What term refers to the 19th-century belief that married women’s activities should be limited to housework and family?
a) feminism
b) temperance
c) the cult of sentiments
d) the cult of domesticity

Which of the following did Frederick Douglass not do?
a) emigrate to Africa
b) publish a newspaper
c) work as an urban slave
d) lecture on the evils of slavery

Which of the following was not a problem faced by “mill girls” in Massachusetts?
a) wage cuts
b) increased workloads
c) lack of safe places to stay
d) unhealthy working conditions

In what way was the National Trades’ Union unusual for its time?
a) It represented only glassworkers.
b) It represented workers in a variety of industries.
c) It discouraged striking as a means of protest.
d) It was supported by bankers and business owners

In which philosophical movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson a leader?
a) utopianism
b) Unitarianism
c) humanitarianism
d) transcendentalism

Which group commonly worked as strikebreakers for low wages?
a) young women
b) free blacks
c) Irish immigrants
d) temperance workers

What are journeymen?
a) workers who join labor unions
b) workers who move from job to job
c) young workers who are learning a new craft
d) skilled artisans who are employed by master artisans

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