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When using Flex Pitch, what does a line in the center of the waveform indicate?
a) perfect pitch
b) perfect time
c) a note is sharp
d) a note is flat

In the audio production software, what is the shortcut for the Loop Browser?
a) G
b) O
c) K
d) L

In the audio production software, what mode is intended for instruments that play chords (guitars/pianos)?
a) Slicing
b) Stretching
c) Monophonic
d) Polyphonic

A chosen track in which timing can be used to influence the timing of other tracks
a) Drummer track
b) Global track
c) Tempo track
d) Groove track

In the audio production software, what is the shortcut for the metronome button?
a) O
b) K
c) M
d) G

You can adjust what in a speed fade?
a) the length and curve
b) the curve only
c) the length only
d) the width

In order to make a track follow a groove track, you must
a) select it
b) double click it
c) click the checkbox
d) drag it to the groove track

In the Audio Track editor, what appears in the vicinity of the colored beam that allow you to perform various adjustments?
a) Controls
b) Lines
c) Hotspots
d) Squares

What is the shortcut for flex?
a) F
b) Command-F
c) Control-F
d) Shift-F

What is the shortcut for Global Tracks?
a) L
b) O
c) K
d) G

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