Logic Lesson 7 Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 23925)

Logic Lesson 7 Part 2.

In the audio production software, what mode is intended for instruments that produce only one pitch at a time (vocals and winds)?
a) Slicing
b) Stretching
c) Monophonic
d) Polyphonic

What color is a waveform that is time-compressed?
a) Blue
b) White
c) Orange
d) Green

In the audio production software, what button is used to change the key of the project?
a) Mixer
b) Browsers
c) Lists
d) Inspector

Distortion resulting from the time-stretching or pitch-shifting process
a) Noise
b) Regions
c) Feedback
d) Artifacts

What can be used to vary the tempo throughout the project?
a) The global tempo track
b) The tempo cannot be varied throughout the project
c) The tempo button in the LCD display
d) The tempo column in the loop browser results

To turn the fade into a speed fade, control-click the fade out and choose
a) Speed Up
b) Slow Down
c) Fade In
d) Fade Out

When using Flex Pitch, a bar going down indicates:
a) perfect pitch
b) perfect time
c) a note is flat
d) a note is sharp

The Varispeed display is shaded
a) purple
b) green
c) orange
d) red

In the Audio Track Editor, the note pitches are represented by
a) triangles
b) beams
c) bars
d) lines

To create tempo changes and tempo curves, use
a) the tempo tool and the fade tool
b) the flex tool and the tempo tool
c) the tempo line and the finger tool
d) the tempo line and the tempo tool

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