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After WWII, a 2 house parliament called the _______ was created in Japan
a) Suffrage
b) Diet
c) Communism
d) Apartheid

All Chinese farms became collectives with no individual ownership allowed during what event
a) Long March
b) Great Leap Forward
c) Cultural Revolution
d) Tiananman Square

The tension and disagreement between the U.S. and Soviet Union at the end of WWII is called
a) Boycott
b) Communism
c) Cold War
d) Suffrage

The leader of the Chinese communists during much of the 20th century
a) General MacArthur
b) Mahatma Gandhi
c) Ho Chi Minh
d) Mao Zedong

Gandhi's plan to show the world how unfair the British laws were to India through non-violent protest
a) Civil Disobediance
b) Suffrage
c) Communism
d) Domino Theory

The idea that, if one country becomes communist, others nearby will quickly follow
a) Civil Disobediance
b) Suffrage
c) Communism
d) Domino Theory

Chinese farmers had very little incentive to work hard and grow crops when they became part of __________
a) Civil Disobediance
b) Cultural Revolution
c) Collectives
d) Red Guards

Veitnamese nationalism began as a result of colonization by this European country
a) United STates
b) China
c) Great Britain
d) France

24. Gandhi believed that ______________ means/methods were the only way to win against the British
a) military
b) legal
c) terrorist
d) Non violent

Which of these was NOT a way the U.S. helped Japan rebuild its economy?
a) Manufacturing knowledge
b) Large loans of money
c) Allowing them to rebuild their military
d) Giving them natural resources

Ho Chi Minh helped form this group when WWII began
a) Red Guards
b) Vietminh League
c) Indian National Congress
d) Muslim League

This word means devotion, love, loyalty, and pride in one's own country
a) Domino Theory
b) Nationalism
c) Boycott
d) Suffrage

This country was split into two parts after WWII because of the influence of the U.S. and the Soviet Union
a) Korea
b) Vietnam
c) Japan
d) China

29. Ho Chi Minh decided that _____________ was the best form of government for Vietnam
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Communism
c) Presidential
d) Empire

It became clear in 1975 that the people of this country wanted to control their own country without the involvement of the U.S.
a) Japan
b) China
c) Korea
d) Vietnam

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