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In the audio production software, what allows you to automatically correct the pitch of all the notes in a region or to precisely edit the pitch curve of a single note?
a) Fade Tool
b) Flex Pitch
c) Flex Time
d) Marquee Tool

What color is a waveform that is time-expanded?
a) blue
b) green
c) white
d) orange

In the audio production software, what is a term used to change the length of the audio region without changing its pitch?
a) Slicing
b) Monophonic
c) Polyphonic
d) Time Stretching

In the Audio Track Editor, what does it mean when the entire beam is colored?
a) a note is flat
b) a note is a sharp
c) perfect pitch
d) perfect time

How do you reorder the results in the Loop Browser to be ordered by tempo?
a) Click the tempo column
b) Click the loops pop-up menu
c) Double click the first result item
d) Click the play in original key button

The speed at which a piece of music is played
a) Tempo
b) Pitch
c) Beat
d) Rhythm

Changes speed without changing the pitch
a) Time Stretching
b) Classic Varispeed
c) Speed Mode Only
d) Flex

Audio files containing additional information that allows them to automatically match the tempo and key when imported into the audio production software
a) Regions
b) Tracks
c) Apple Loops
d) MP3s

To apply the turntable effect, you need to first turn the last loop into
a) another loop
b) a drummer track
c) a separate track
d) an individual region

In the audio production software, what mode is used for moving notes without time-stretching any audio (good for drums)?
a) Polyphonic
b) Monophonic
c) Slicing
d) Stretching

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