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What is the meaning of 'alleviate' in the following context? Ship captains often sailed into rough, choppy waters full of hidden hazards. To alleviate this problem, some coastal towns built lighthouses to warn ships along the coast.
a) solve completely
b) make worse
c) lessen
d) increase

What does the word 'smugglers' mean in this sentence? Each ship, which sot the government $1000 to build, helped raise the needed revenue, protected ships from pirates, and caught smugglers.
a) pirates
b) traders of important goods
c) traders of illegal goods
d) villians

In which sentence is the word 'jurisdiction' used correctly, if it means 'under the control of'
a) The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is now one of the five jurisdictions of the U.S. Armed Forces.
b) During peacetime, the USCG is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security.
c) The jurisdiction of the USCG include Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and Ice Breaking.
d) The USCG plays an important jurisdiction in keeping our nation's borders safe and secure.

Which is the correct meaning of the word 'despondency' in the following context? They were very weary, and were filled with that despondency which comes after a day of exhausting routine, knowing nothing will get better.
a) resignation
b) satisfaction
c) acceptance
d) denial

What does the phrase 'ascend in the hierarchy' mean in this context? Women have not always been recognized for their accomplishments, nor able to participate as full members, or ascend the hierarchy of the USCG.
a) gain higher rank
b) held accountable
c) paid attention to
d) participate in

What does the word 'denouncing' mean in the following sentence? Conservatives, liberals, radicals are agreed in denouncing the criminal indifference that is shown to the murderous conditions in which people work.
a) agreeing
b) arguing about
c) putting down
d) talking about

Which situation would be 'precarious' based on the following sentence? Her condition is too precarious for her to stand the shock of the awful truth.
a) climbing a mountain by yourself
b) waiting for your parents to decide a punishment
c) crossing a busy street without waiting for the signal

Which words give you clues that a 'tenement' is a 'rented living space'? They sat down to supper in the three-room tenement apartment where they boarded.
a) apartment, supper, three-room
b) apartment, sat down, supper
c) apartment, supper, where
d) apartment, boarded, three-room

What do the words 'conservatives, liberals, and radicals' have in common?
a) they all agree
b) they all disagree
c) they are all political parties
d) they have nothing in common

What are 3 clues to the meaning of 'intensify' in this selection? Early lighthouses used oil lamps, lenses, and mirrors to intensify their light so ships could see it from far off.
a) lamps, lenses, mirrors
b) lighthouses, light, ships
c) ships, mirrors, their light
d) could see, far off

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