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Which is NOT true of carbohydrates?
a) made of saccharides
b) used as an energy source
c) chitin, starch, and glucose are examles
d) stores genetic information

Lipids are...
a) made of fatty acids
b) used for insulation and cell membrane structure
c) used as an energy source
d) by golly, they are all of these things

What macromolecule is made of amino acids, and muscles are an example?
a) lipids
b) carbohydrates
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

DNA and RNA are examples of...
a) carbohydrates
b) nucleic acids
c) lipids
d) proteins

During meiosis, what occurs that makes cells non-identical?
a) interphase
b) crossing over
c) mitosis
d) cytokinesis

The process of cell life and division is called...
a) cell cycle
b) interphase
c) mitosis
d) cytokinesis

Chromatin is...
a) a step in the cell cycle
b) DNA uncoiled in the nucleus
c) identical haploid cells
d) mitosis

Passive transport ...
a) is moving substances across a membrane with energy
b) is moving substances across a membrane without energy
c) includes exocytosis and endocytosis
d) only includes osmosis

The movement of water across a cell membrane...
a) is called active transport
b) depends on exocytosis
c) is called osmosis
d) never happens

Hypertonic solutions cause water to move...
a) into the cell
b) out of the cell
c) in and out equally
d) to a new organ

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