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The last land battle of the Civil War
a) Battle of Palmito Ranch
b) Battle of Sabine Pass
c) Battle of Gavleston
d) Battle of the Alamo

Name of Texas battle where ships ran through Union blockades
a) Battle of Sabine Pass
b) Battle of Galveston
c) Battle of Palimito Ranch
d) Battle of Guadalupe River

Which democratic principle of the Texas constitution reflects the will of the people?
a) Popular sovereignty
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Freedom of speech
d) All men are created equal

Why did Sam Houston give up his position of Governor of Texas
a) He was impeached
b) He did not like President Lincoln
c) He would not support succession
d) He did not want Texas to become a State

What effect did the Union blockade have on Texas industry during the Civil War?
a) Women were forced to work
b) Texas exports grew
c) Texas grew more cotton
d) It caused Texans to produce their own goods

The confederate Colonel from Texas who won the Battle of Galveston on
a) Sul Ross
b) Sam Houston
c) Stephen F Austin
d) John McGruder

Most Civil War battles in Texas were fought where?
a) Along the Gulf Coast
b) San Antonio
c) North Texas
d) West Texas

Who was president during the civil war?
a) Sam Houston
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Sul Ross
d) John McGruder

Which holiday in Texas celebrates the announcement that slaves were free
a) Memorial Day
b) Flag Day
c) Cinco de Mayo
d) Juneteenth

Which major issues drove Texans to secede ?
a) Import/export restrictions on Texas
b) US support to give Texas land back to Mexico
c) States rights/ slavery
d) Slavery was the only reason

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