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How old do scientist estimate the age of the Earth to be?
a) 14.8 Billion Years
b) 4.6 Billion Years
c) 400 Million Years
d) 10,000 Years

The Age of Reptiles refers to the ______________.
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Mesozoic Era
c) Archaen Eon
d) Paleozoic Era

Most ancient hominids are called ____________.
a) Neanderthals
b) Cro-magnons
c) australopithecines
d) prosimians

The Age of Mammals refers to the _______________.
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Precambrian Time
d) Hadeon Eon

Plants and air-breathing animals appeared during this time period.
a) Precambrian time
b) Mesozoic Era
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Cenozoic Era

Which occurred first in hominid evolution, an enlarged brain or the ability to walk upright?
a) ability to walk upright
b) enlarged brain
c) neither of these occurred in hominid evolution
d) they occurred at the same time

The first organisms to appear on Earth were
a) aerobic
b) anaerobic
c) eukaryotes
d) multi-cellular

Past mass extinctions most likely occured as a result of ________.
a) predator-prey changes
b) global climate change
c) oxygen pollution
d) ozone depletion

Which group of hominids that lived in Europe and Asia disappeared form the fossil record about 30,000 years ago?
a) homo erectus
b) Neanderthals
c) australopithecines
d) homo sapiens

Which of the following is characteristic of ALL primates?
a) bipedalism
b) monocular vision
c) horizontal pelvis
d) opposable thumbs

Cyanobacteria, which first appeared on Earth over 3 billion years ago, are
a) prokaryotes
b) eukaryotes
c) terrestrial organisms
d) dinosaurs

Which of the following is characteristic of ALL primates?
a) binocular vision
b) bipedalism
c) vertical pelvis
d) opposable big toes

Although _____________ had thicker and heavier bones than present-day humans, they appear to be our closest ancestors.
a) Neanderthals
b) homo erectus
c) homo habilis
d) Cro-magnons

The first primate ancestors, called ___________, appeared during the Cenozoic era.
a) homo sapiens
b) prosimians
c) homo erectus
d) australopithecines

Some important divisions of geologic time are marked by______________.
a) Mass Speciations
b) A certain number of years
c) Mass Extinctions
d) The type of homInid alive

Dinosaurs dominated the Earth during the _______________, some 200 million years ago.
a) Mesozoic Era
b) Cenozoic Era
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Precambrian Time

Paleontologist use _______________ to estimate the age of a fossil based on the layer in which it is found.
a) Carbon-14 Dating
b) Radiometric Dating
c) Absolute Dating
d) Relative Dating

An ape is a hominid.
a) True
b) False

Traces or imprints of living things preserved in rock are called __________.
a) sedimentary rock
b) fossils
c) frozen fossils
d) skeletons

The amount of time it takes for half of the unstable atoms in an element to decay is called the _________.
a) radiometric life
b) half-life
c) absolute age
d) relative age

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