North Carolina Colony Question Preview (ID: 23900)

Early NC Colony.

Who received grants from the king in order to establish the NC colony?
a) King George
b) 8 Lord Proprietors
c) Walter Raleigh
d) John White

Who was NC's first colonial governor?
a) Edward Hyde
b) King Charles
c) John White
d) Pat McCrory

What was the thinly populated settlements in between the fall line and the mountains?
a) Great Wagon Road
b) Outer Banks
c) Back country
d) Fall line

Which immigrant group helped to settle the Piedmont region and helped the British during the Revolutionary War?
a) Highland Scots
b) Scots-Irish
c) Moravians
d) Tuscarora

Who was the NC governor who raised taxes to pay for his house, dividing the east and western parts of the state.
a) Pat McCrory
b) Edward Hyde
c) Moravians
d) William Tryon

Which immigrant group settled the back country and were very educated?
a) Highland Scots
b) Quakers
c) Moravians
d) Scots-Irish

Who were the people in NC that wanted stop the abuse of power in the government?
a) Corduroy roads
b) Culpeper's Rebellion
c) Quakers
d) Regulators

Which immigrant group were pacifists and helped to get better treatment for slaves in NC?
a) Moravians
b) Scots-Irish
c) Quakers
d) Highland Scots

What did the people of NC create in order to help trade in the state?
a) Great Wagon Road
b) Corduroy roads
c) Backcountry
d) Large ports

Which was NOT a reason NC was slow to settle?
a) Swampy land
b) Shallow water
c) Forests
d) Backcountry

Which immigrant group helped to grow the textile industry in the backcountry and helped the patriots in the revolutionary war?
a) Highland scots
b) Scots-Irish
c) Moravians
d) Quakers

What was the importance of the Great Wagon Road to NC?
a) It brought settlers to NC
b) It started a war between the colonists and the Tuscarora Indians
c) It was a slave route
d) It was home to pirates

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