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A push or a pull in any direction that has the ability to cause a change in direction.
a) Force
b) Friction
c) Newton's First Law
d) Acceleration

The unit we will use to measure force.
a) Kilogram
b) Mass
c) Newton
d) Liter

Measure of the amount of "stuff" or matter that makes an object.
a) Force
b) Newton
c) Intertia
d) Mass

This "force" always opposes motion.
a) Force
b) Newtons
c) Intertia
d) Friction

Describes an objects change in speed.
a) Force
b) Newton
c) Acceleration
d) Inertia

Objects ability to resist change in its state of motion.
a) Friction
b) Inertia
c) Force
d) Acceleration

An object in motion will stay in motion and the object at rest will stay
a) Newton's Second Law
b) Newton's First Law
c) Newton's Third Law
d) Continental Drift

The movement of continents.
a) Continental Drift
b) Continental Movement
c) Force
d) Acceleration

Force equals mass times acceleration.
a) Newton's second law
b) Newton's third law
c) Newton's first law
d) Intertia

Force every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.
a) Newton's second law
b) Newton's first law
c) Interia
d) Newton's third law

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