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A virus is all of the following EXCEPT
a) Needs a living host to replicate
b) Possesses genetic information
c) Deadly to some hosts
d) Alive

Which of the following isn't an example of a RNA virus?
a) Chicken Pox
b) HIV
c) Ebola
d) Influenza

The virus' genome is protected by its:
a) Capsid
b) Nucleic Acid Core
c) Proteins
d) Envelope

This structure protects the virus from its environment
a) Nucleic acid Core
b) Lipids
c) Capsid
d) Envelope

__________ help the virus attach to the outside of the host cell
a) Gloycolipids
b) Glycoproteins
c) Phospholipids
d) Capsid

Once a virus attaches to a host cell, it spills its genetic information into the _______.
a) Nucleus
b) Cytoplasm
c) Phospholipid bilayer
d) Glycoproteins

Once inside a cell, a virus replicates itself using the cell processes of ___ and ___
a) Transcription and translation
b) DNA replication and translation
c) Transcription and transfusion
d) DNA replication and transfusion

Some viruses exit the cell by breaking it open, a process known as the ________
a) Lytic cycle
b) Endocytosis
c) Lysogenic cycle
d) Lysogeny

Some viruses dont kill the cell, instead the form a long term relationship called ____.
a) Lysogenic cycle
b) Lytic cycle
c) Endocytosis
d) Lysogeny

Ebola and HIV are examples of:
a) DNA viruses
b) Retrovirus
c) RNA virus
d) Bacteria

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