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What happened to dissenters of Puritan rule in Massachusetts?
a) They were forced to leave their colony
b) They changed their views
c) They were sent back to England
d) They had religious debates

With what religious group did most settlers of the 13 colonies disagree?
a) Church of England
b) Catholic church
c) Puritans
d) Separatists

Which region had the longest growing season?
a) Southern colonies
b) New England colonies
c) Rhode Island colony
d) MIddle colonies

What group helped the Pilgrims survive at Plymouth colony?
a) the Wampanog
b) the Separists
c) the Dutch
d) the French

Why did the Pilgrims go to Plymouth?
a) A storm blew their ship off course.
b) They did not want to become indentured servants.
c) Plymouth did not have a colony yet.
d) They liked the winter weather.

Which is NOT a difficulty the Pilgrims faced at Plymouth?
a) drought
b) winter
c) hunger
d) disease

Which colonies did the French found as a result of searching for the Northwest Passage?
a) Quebec and Montreal
b) St. Lawrence and Champlain
c) New York and New Amsterdam
d) St. Lawrence and Quebec

Which best summarizes why the Pilgrims chose to leave their homeland?
a) to practice religious beliefs
b) to explore new lands
c) to gain wealth
d) to live on land of their own

Which is the best description of the type of government established in Jamestown?
a) self-government
b) rule by president
c) rule by a dictatior
d) no government

How did the Jamestown settlers avoid starvation?
a) They farmed the land and dug wells for water.
b) They panned for gold.
c) The sold their land for profit.
d) The learned irrigation.

Why did the English want colonies in America?
a) They wanted to find gold and other resources.
b) They wanted to raid Spanish ships.
c) They wanted to visit new lands.
d) They wanted to visit Indians

Where was the first English colony?
a) Roanoke Island
b) Jamestown
c) Plymouth Rock
d) Raleigh

Which of the following describes the New England colonies?
a) thick woods, waters rich in fish and whales
b) so much wheat it was known as the bread basket
c) warm climate, fertile soil good for farming
d) long, wide rivers for transporting goods and people

Which BEST describes the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving?
a) celebration of survival and success in farming
b) celebration of good food
c) anniversary celebration
d) show of thanks to those who died trying to help the colony

What colony did the dissenters Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson start?
a) Rhode Island
b) Pennyslvania
c) Ohio
d) Maryland

Which colony was set up as a second chance for English debtors?
a) Georgia
b) Pennsylvania
c) Virginia
d) New Jersey

Who is credited with saving the Jamestown colony by saying he that will not work , shall not eat
a) John Smith
b) James Oglethorpe
c) John Rolfe
d) WIlliam Bradford

In which colony would you be likely to see ship building?
a) Massachusetts
b) Georgia
c) Delaware
d) Pennsylvania

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