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Which Supreme Court case established Judicial Review?
a) Worcester v Georgia
b) Marbury v Madison
c) Roe v Wade
d) Dred Scott v Irene Gunderson

How did the War of 1812 cause the Industrial Revolution?
a) The war caused immigrants to come to the United States where they got jobs in factories
b) The War spurred a lot of innovation.
c) The War of 1812 was not a cause of the Industrial Revolution
d) Goods could not travel from Europe because of the war, so the North began building factories.

What caused the Era of Reform?
a) Horace Mann's focus on education led people to feel responsible for each other
b) Domestic innovations meant that women had more time to dedicate to things outside of the home
c) The War of 1812
d) The Second Great Awakening - a newfound religious passion caused people to want to improve the lives of the poor

How does Free Enterprise motivate someone to build something new?
a) Profit motive - that person can make money from selling something new!
b) Civic Duty - it is your job as a citizen to make new things
c) Pride - it's the right thing to do
d) Competition - someone wants to win!

Why did Reconstruction mainly happen in the South?
a) The South was too impoverished to build new infrastructure
b) Most of the Civil War battles had been fought there
c) It was part of the South's punishment for seceding from the Union
d) Because freed African Americans needed the most help

Which country was known for fur trading in the New World?
a) China
b) Spain
c) Mexico
d) France

What did the 15th Amendment do?
a) It gave women the right to vote
b) It gave all African American men the right to vote
c) It banned the sale of alcohol
d) It allowed blacks to attend white schools

Why is the Gadsden Purchase significant?
a) It helped the United States complete Manifest Destiny
b) It provided a new way to get to Mexico
c) It was the scene of a bloody battle during the Mexican American War
d) The Gadsden Purchase was turned into the nation's first state park

What is an example of an Amendment right being violated?
a) A Catholic school holding a bake sale
b) A newspaper company going out of business
c) A police officer recording your phone coversations without a warrant.
d) A citizen cancelling a protest about illegal immigration due to the weather

Which battle was the first of the Civil War?
a) Saratoga
b) Lexington and Concord
c) Battle at Fort Sumter
d) Helm's Deep

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