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The Native Americans probably migrated to the New World
a) Immediately after the Great Flood
b) After the expulsion from the Garden of Eden
c) After God changed their languages at the Tower of Babel
d) Shortly before Columbus discovered it

A Native American's man's standing in his tribe was determined by:
a) His courage and success in war
b) His ability to bring home food
c) His ability to quickly put up his teepee
d) His animals

Tribes that moved from place to place following food were called:
a) stationary
b) Navajo
c) nomadic
d) gypsies

Columbus was sponsored by:
a) England
b) Italy
c) Portugal
d) Spain

The King and Queen who sent him were:
a) Henry and Elizabeth
b) Ferdinand and Isabella
c) Phillip IV and Regina
d) John III and Anne

Columbus first landfall was on
a) Hawaii
b) San Salvador
c) Florida
d) Newfoundland

Columbus believed he had reached
a) The Orient
b) a New World
c) Canada
d) Spain

America was named after
a) Vespucci
b) Columbus
c) Queen Isabella
d) Leif Ericson

The New World was named America because
a) It was called that on a German map
b) people just liked the name
c) Vespucci was more popular than Columbus
d) None of these

Christopher Columbus is remembered as a great explorer because
a) of his relentless determination
b) his discovery would lead to the founding of a new nation
c) two of these
d) none of these

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